10-11 DECEMBER 2020
17.00 (GMT Greenwich - London)
18.00 (Rome GTM + 1)
12.00 (New York GTM - 5)

Workshop to promote the WELLNESS of workers and students in the health sector with the intention of optimizing their professional, social and emotional capacity.

This is a workshop for employees/students in the health sector that allows them to develop/promote to the maximum their subjective wellbeing by preventing the psychosocial risks that affect their professional capacity as well as their physical and emotional health.

Wellness translates into a better quality of life, giving people the tools to face difficult situations and solve them in the best way. The process of achieving wellness includes changes in pre-established negative social and cultural patterns that we often use to deal with situations that impact our physical and emotional health.

Our workshop includes presentations, exercises, videos and micro-practices that have allowed us to achieve significant changes in the wellbeing of professionals and students in the health sector, as well as employees in different environments. The benefits we have found include: improved self-concept of workers in relation to their wellness, reduction of extended fatigue, resilience, teamwork and emotional health. Studies have shown significant differences in participants' quality of life, as well as in their relationships and skills in work and family life as a result of attending the workshop.

The workshop specifically includes the development of skills for:
  • Recognize the importance of maintaining a healthy diet
  • To include at least moderate physical activity in your life
  • Learning to manage stress, anger and emotions
  • Using emotional intelligence, resilience and optimism
  • Recognize the importance of building social support networks
  • Emphasizing the respect for oneself and others
  • Immune modulation and stimulation by nutriceticals to fight infection of the upper respiratory tract

Requirements to complete the BIEN+++ virtual workshop:
  • Minimum of 50 people who are able and willing to voluntarily attend two classes of 120 minutes each.
  • This time is considered minimum to present the material and develop an intuitive and meaningful learning.
  • Classes include presentations, exercises, videos and group discussions.
  • Responding to three questionnaires before and after attending the workshop (20 minutes on average on two occasions included in the scheduled time) including quality of life, resilience and fatigue
  • The results are completely confidential and will be given individually at the end of the workshop.

Marie Leiner  Marie Leiner, PhD
Research Professor – Department of Pediatrics – Texas Tech University Health Center El Paso, Texas

Maria Theresa Villanos  Maria Theresa Villanos, MD
Associate Professor - Dept. of Pediatrics – Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center – El Paso, Texas

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